Food Works for Middle Way House

A cooperative venture between Bloomingfoods and Middle Way House.

Good Works and Good Food

Bloomingfoods Cooperative Grocery
tilted phrase newFood Works for Middle Way House caters special events in Bloomington, Indiana while providing support to Middle Way House and jobs to Middle Way House clients. In addition to the special event catering, Food Works provides wholesome and healthy meals five days a week to the local Head Start program and for the Project School; we operate a sandwich and soup market at 318 S. Washington Street; we offer  Gourmet-to-Go pre-ordered specialty foods (lasagna, pot pies, shepherd pie, cookie platters and more!); and we also create specialty retail gluten free bread.

Food Works was started by Middle Way House, a national model domestic violence program, in 2002 in an effort to create employment for women coming through the shelter system and as a means of providing support to shelter services. In 2011, Bloomingfoodsa Bloomington cooperative grocery promoting healthy, high quality, sustainable products since 1976, took over the operational costs of this program while expanding its food preparation capacity for its three stores. Bloomingfoods provides the employment and management of Food Works while Middle Way House provides the kitchen facility and program input. This collaboration continues the very important mission directive – to build community awareness about domestic violence while giving everyone in the community an easy and delicious way to support the shelter and the women they serve.

 If you buy a sandwich at our market, you have the opportunity to “round up” to the next even dollar amount purchase and this money is sent to the shelter. If you have a meeting or an event in need of catering, our 15% service charge is donated to the shelter. If you buy a Food Work’s product from a store shelf, you have helped to provide employment to a Middle Way House Shelter client.  Each piece of community support helps, and with the backing of two great community organizations we hope to be able to continue to grow and provide support to Middle Way House.


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How does Food Works work for Middle Way House?

  • The catering event 10% service charge (which covers costs for delivery and setup) is given as a contribution to Middle Way House.
  • Food Works employs clients of Middle Way House, and in so doing is assisting women and their families achieve the economic independence necessary to provide more secure futures for themselves and their children.
  • Food Works provides Middle Way House with revenues from sales at the retail space on Washington Street. When special orders from our Gourmet-to-Go service are picked up each customer is offered the opportunity to pay a 7% service charge provided as a contribution to Middle Way House and we encourage participation in our “round-up” program where the uneven dollar ticket is rounded up to the next even dollar and that amount is given as a donation to the shelter.

Thank you for supporting Middle Way House!

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Food Works for Middle Way House

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